Impact Beyond the Classroom: Nurturing Future Leaders

With enthusiasm as their guiding light, 13 students from the Theories of Learning Class stepped into the realm of mentorship, actively engaging with the pupils of SMK Sinar Bintang. Under the guidance of Priscilla Malar Lawrence and Pavitra Muniandy, these students not only attended the psychology talk but also took the lead in facilitating discussions. Their eagerness to share their knowledge and excitement about applying psychology was palpable, creating an atmosphere of infectious enthusiasm.

The interactive sessions were nothing short of inspiring, with each student presenter bringing a unique perspective to the table. The audience was captivated by the presentations, including one on “Building Positive Mindset,” a topic that resonated deeply with the young listeners. Additionally, the discussion delved into essential psychological concepts such as “Motivational Learning” and “Learned Helplessness.” These thought-provoking themes not only captured the attention of the students but also left them eager to explore the depths of psychology further.



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