SEGi’s Dr. Hafriza Burhanudeen Represents at PRAXIS 2023 Forum

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hafriza Burhanudeen, a distinguished representative of SEGi University, played a pivotal role as a delegate at the prestigious PRAXIS 2023 forum organized by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS). The event, held at Hilton KL on October 24, 2023, focused on “Advancing Malaysia’s Strategic Interests.”

As a key participant in the forum, Dr. Hafriza Burhanudeen brought valuable insights and perspectives to the discussions on strategic matters impacting Malaysia. The forum, known for its role in fostering dialogues on crucial issues, provided a platform for experts, professionals, and representatives from various sectors to engage in collaborative discourse.

Dr. Hafriza’s active involvement in PRAXIS 2023 underscored SEGi University’s commitment to contributing to national and international discussions on strategic interests. Her presence reflected the university’s dedication to being at the forefront of intellectual conversations that shape the future of Malaysia’s strategic landscape.

The forum covered a spectrum of topics, ranging from economic strategies to geopolitical considerations, and Dr. Hafriza’s participation showcased SEGi University’s engagement in multifaceted dialogues that transcend academic boundaries. The insights gained from PRAXIS 2023 will undoubtedly enrich the academic and strategic pursuits of SEGi University, reinforcing its role as a thought leader in the higher education landscape.

SEGi University takes pride in the active involvement of its faculty members in forums of national significance, further solidifying its reputation as an institution dedicated not only to academic excellence but also to actively contributing to the advancement of Malaysia’s strategic interests.

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