SEGi University celebrates academic excellence at annual AGM and Dean’s List Ceremony

SEGi University recently hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Dean’s List award ceremony for the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme. The ceremony, held on 7th March 2023, recognised outstanding academic achievements by the students and highlighted the importance of the programme’s Outcome Based Education process for the attainment of the university’s vision and mission statement. 

The event was attended by the Dean of FOEBEIT, the academic team, and students. Ts. Vinukumar Luckose, the programme leader, introduced the department team members and presented an overview of the BEE programme to the students. He also shared important updates on academic matters and upcoming activities for the year 2023. 

Ali Anwar Mohammed Mohsen Al-Gailani and Amgad Mohammed Abduljabbar Al-Dubai, two current final year students, were recognised for winning the Gold Award and Special Award in the group category during the ESTE 2023 event for engineering students. Additionally, twenty-six students in May 2022 semester and fourteen students in December 2022 semester achieved good academic performances and were awarded the Dean’s List Certificates. 

The High Achiever Award was presented to three students, namely Chin Sebastian (Year 2), Aishath Ibrahim (Year 3) and Tan Jia Sheng (Year 4), who obtained 4.00 flat GPA. They were awarded trophies for their outstanding academic performances. Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Yong Chai, Dean of FOEBEIT, congratulated the Dean’s List and High Achiever Award students for their accomplishments and encouraged all the students to strive for their best and wished them success in the future. 

The ceremony showcased the university’s commitment to providing high-quality education and nurturing academic excellence in its students. It highlighted the importance of recognising outstanding academic achievements and motivating students to strive for excellence. With such dedication and recognition, SEGi University’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme is sure to produce some of the best engineering graduates in the future. 

The AGM and Dean’s List award ceremony was a success, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of SEGi University’s students and academic team. The university’s continued efforts to recognise and reward academic excellence in its students will undoubtedly encourage them to reach greater heights in their academic pursuits. 



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