SEGi Students Gain Industry Knowledge on Heat Exchanger Design

A recent industrial talk on Plant and Heat Exchanger Design on 20 March 2024 offered SEGi University’s Chemical Engineering students invaluable insights into the complexities of designing heat exchangers. Led by Daniel Tok Kiat Wei, an experienced process engineer from JJ-Lurgi Engineering Sdn Bhd, the session provided a comprehensive overview of the principles, challenges, and innovations shaping the field. This event was jointly organised by SEGi IChemE Student Chapter and SEGi University’s Chemical Engineering Department lecturers Ir. Choo Chee Ming, Dr. Sangeetaprivya P. Siva, and Dr. Mohd Faizan Bin Jamaluddin.

The talk began with an introduction to the fundamental concepts of heat transfer and the role of heat exchangers in various industrial applications. Students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of efficient heat exchange in optimising process performance and energy efficiency. Throughout the session, participants were guided through the step-by-step process of heat exchanger design, from initial concept development to detailed engineering and fabrication. Key considerations such as heat transfer coefficients, fluid properties, and pressure drop were elucidated, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the design process.

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