Empowering SEGi Students with Cutting-Edge Colloids Knowledge

On 29 April, 2024, SEGi University had the privilege of having a distinguished guest lecture by Professor Richard Greenwood from the University of Birmingham. The lecture, titled “An Introduction to Colloids and Rheology,” attracted considerable attention from students and faculty, underscoring SEGi’s commitment to providing world-class educational experiences.

Professor Greenwood, an expert in materials science and engineering, captivated the audience with his detailed exploration of colloidal systems. Colloids play a critical role in numerous industrial applications where one phase of material is finely dispersed in another. The professor skillfully adapted complex mathematical concepts to suit the academic level of the audience, ensuring an accessible yet comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Full article at https://university.segi.edu.my/empowering-segi-students-with-cutting-edge-colloids-knowledge/

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