PR campaigns raise awareness and funds for charitable causes

The Diploma in Mass Communication programme at SEGi College Sarawak recently completed a Public Relations Campaign project, giving students the opportunity to learn real-time event management. The programme was created with two groups, each in charge of organising a campaign. Group 1 organised a charity sales event for the Sarawak Society of the Deaf, while Group 2 organised a “Let’s Save Our Earth” recycling campaign. The campaigns were held at the SEGi College Sarawak Main Campus on 22 March 2023. 

Group 1 organised a charity sales event to benefit the Sarawak Society of the Deaf. Students, faculty members, and visitors purchased various items available at the charity sale, and the campaign received widespread community support. The goal of Group 2’s campaign was to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. Participants were encouraged to bring recyclable items to the event and were taught proper recycling techniques. 


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