Leads the Way in Comprehensive Sexual Education for Young People

On 15 March 2023, the OrphanCare Foundation hosted an interactive workshop on reproductive health and sexual education in Auditorium A. The “I AM IN CONTROL” workshop aimed to educate and empower young people about their body rights, the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases, cyber danger, abstinence, and boundary respect. 

The event was organised in collaboration with the SEGi University’s Counselling & Student Experience Office and the Educational Psychology class (EDB3264). The workshop began with a flash mob performance of “Break the Chain,” a movement dance about violence against women, by the participants. 

Alice Lim, a Registered Counsellor, gave the opening speech, emphasising the importance of sexual education and self-awareness. Riza and her OrphanCare Foundation team then led an interactive workshop in which participants participated in activities and discussions about reproductive health, sexual education, and body rights. 

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