Nurturing Sustainable Development through Curriculum Innovation

The driving force behind this initiative was the Ministry’s commitment to fostering progressive educational practices that echo the ethos of sustainable development. Datin Dr Ng Soo Boon, a distinguished expert from the Faculty of Education, Language, and Psychology Music at SEGi University, was among the leading facilitators. Her wealth of knowledge and experience added a layer of depth to the workshops, enriching the learning experience for the 160 government officers in attendance.

The workshops were designed to address the complexities of modern education, offering innovative perspectives on curriculum development. Datin Dr Ng Soo Boon’s keynote address, titled “Curriculum Development towards Fulfilling UNESCO Sustainable Development,” set the tone for the series of sessions. Her insightful talk illuminated the path toward creating curricula that not only educates but also inspires a generation capable of addressing global challenges.

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