Marriott International Malaysia Talent Day 2023: Bridging Opportunities in Hospitality & Tourism

In an endeavor to foster a symbiotic relationship between hospitality and tourism institutions and industry professionals, Marriott International Malaysia hosted the much-anticipated “Talent Day 2023.” This remarkable event aimed to fulfill several crucial objectives while bringing a myriad of opportunities to the forefront.

Introducing Marriott Bonvoy Group of Hotels

The event provided an exceptional platform for Marriott Bonvoy Group of Hotels to introduce themselves to a broad spectrum of institutions. Marriott’s longstanding reputation for delivering top-notch hospitality experiences was on full display, setting the stage for fruitful collaborations.

Connecting with Potential Talents

Talent Day served as a bridge to connect with the next generation of hospitality and tourism talents actively seeking internship opportunities. Marriott Bonvoy, a leading name in the industry, sought to attract these budding talents, showcasing their capabilities and capacities in handling internships.

Scouting Potential Workforce

The event not only focused on nurturing talents during their internship but also on scouting potential employees interested in becoming part of Marriott Bonvoy’s operation team. It was a two-way street where talents discovered the possibilities of joining the Marriott family, and Marriott identified talents that could contribute to their success.

Building Strong Educational Partnerships

Marriott International Malaysia also recognized the significance of forging strong partnerships with institutions across various domains, including hospitality, business studies, finance, and occupational safety and health. This event was a testament to their commitment to expanding collaboration opportunities beyond the School of Hospitality & Tourism.

Empowering Graduates

For graduates stepping into the job market, Marriott Bonvoy Group of Hotels offered a solid foundation to launch their careers in the hospitality industry. Several alumni from the School of Hospitality & Tourism at SEGi University Kuala Lumpur have already become valuable members of the Marriott Bonvoy team, attesting to the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent.

The Marriott International Malaysia Talent Day 2023 successfully created a platform for institutions and Marriott Bonvoy to collaborate, share insights, and empower students and graduates. This event was a testament to Marriott’s commitment to supporting and enriching the educational and professional journeys of aspiring hospitality and tourism enthusiasts.

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