Deputy Vice Chancellor (New Initiatives & Learning Experiences)



Deputy Vice Chancellor (New Initiatives & Learning Experiences)

Dr Lim Poo Kin brings over thirty years of distinguished leadership and management experience across diverse sectors, including real estate, education, human capital, organisation development, and aviation management. Commencing his professional journey in real estate, Dr Lim spearheaded township planning and development endeavours in Malaysia, managing commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Singapore.

Transitioning seamlessly, Dr. Lim dedicated over two decades to the forefront of education, corporate training, and consultancy. As a co-owner and leader of a prominent training consultancy firm, he facilitated transformative programs for students, educators, and corporate professionals across a spectrum of vital skills, spanning leadership, life values, and personal development. Dr Lim’s impact extended across over 100 educational, corporate, and voluntary organisations in Singapore.

Notably, Dr Lim served as the Director and Head of Organisation Development at Changi Airports International, a subsidiary of Changi Airport Group, entrusted with the management of Changi International Airport. In this capacity, he provided invaluable expertise in people and organisation development, offering consultancy services to airports globally, including in Brazil, China, India, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

Dr Lim’s academic prowess is underscored by a rich tapestry of qualifications, including a B.Sc. (Housing, Building & Planning) Hons. from USM, M.Sc. degrees in Urban & Regional Planning from USM and Property & Maintenance Management from NUS, a Professional Diploma in Training and Development from STADA, and culminating in an Ed.D. from UWA.

His extensive tenure and multifaceted expertise underscore Dr Lim’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and impactful leadership across diverse industries, paving the way for transformative growth and development.