Empowering Education: Datin Dr Ng Soo Boon’s Impactful Role in UNESCO-IBE’s Geneva Summit

Datin Dr Ng Soo Boon, a distinguished representative of FOELPM, played a pivotal role during this four-day event. With unwavering commitment and expertise, she represented both IBE Consultants and FELPS, embodying the spirit of collaborative learning and innovative teaching methodologies. Her participation was not just a representation; it was an embodiment of achievement, a testament to her dedication to shaping the future of education.

At the core of the discussions was the concept of hybrid training – a progressive approach that melds traditional education with digital innovation. Datin Dr Ng Soo Boon’s insights illuminated pathways toward effective hybrid training modules. Her nuanced understanding of educational technologies and pedagogical methods contributed significantly, enriching the discourse and guiding the formulation of inclusive educational strategies.

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