Academic Buffet

Academic Buffet, a term introduced by SEGi University & Colleges, comprises Micro-credentials, a certification of learning a smaller set of bite-sized modules designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific area of study.

Adult learners have the freedom to select any micro-credential subject of choice, similar to a buffet spread.

NOW, you can obtain 100% credit transfer via Micro-credentials for the MQA accredited Diploma, Bachelor or Master’s degrees.

Micro-credentials are offered through flexible design and delivery, giving you greater access and choice to reach higher education opportunities to solidify expertise, advance your career in a short time frame and at a lower cost.




Benefits of Micro-Credentials


Learn at your own pace and time

No Age Limit

For everyone


With the latest advancement

No Entry Requirement

On multiple devices

Digital Badges

To be earned and added to your LinkedIn, resumes, social media profiles


Than a full-fledged Diploma, Degree or Master's


Transforming Informal Learning to Formal Learning, for Upskilling and Reskilling

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