When PTPTN Isn’t Enough, There’s EduFlex

We all have big dreams of what we want to be in the future. Even when we were small, we may play doctor with our dolls, build homes with plastic bricks like engineers or pilot a toy plane with our hands.

However, not many families can afford the education for such illustrious careers. Scholarships are provided, but the home of a poor family oftentimes does not have the right environment to facilitate quality learning.

There is of course the PTPTN education loan, but it comes with many restrictions and requirements, not considering the limit to the amount an individual can borrow.This is subject to many factors, such as your household income, type of institution and the course you are attending among many others. This can be a major stumbling block for most people.

Recognising the many obstacles in place, SEGi University & Colleges has come up with the EduFlex scheme to better assist students with financial difficulties. Sharing similarities with PTPTN, students can have complete peace of mind knowing they need not pay anything during the entire course of their study.

Payment only starts after the completion of their programme, meaning that they already have the opportunity to look for a job to service the loan. Even better, the interest rate is only at 4%, much lower compared to conventional educational or personal loans which could be at 6% to 7%.

SEGi University and Colleges ensure that no obstacles will get in the way of you and your dream job. The opportunity has arrived for you to don the lab coat and coil that stethoscope around your neck as a doctor. Replace those plastic homes you made as a child and build a skyscraper as an engineer. Or better, fly a plane above these towering structures as a pilot, because with EduFlex, the sky’s the limit.

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