University Articulation Pathway: Embarking on Your Academic Journey

In a pursuit of global education excellence, SEGi University recently welcomed distinguished guests from the Faculty of Education & Social Work at the prestigious University of Auckland-Waipapa Taumata Rau. This insightful session, held on October 27, 2023, served as a guiding light for students exploring international education opportunities.

Exploring the Academic Landscape:

The event, titled “University Articulation Pathway: Your Roadmap to International Education,” was a gateway for students to delve into the intricacies of an international academic journey. SEGi University aimed to provide students with a comprehensive roadmap, offering clarity on the transition from local to global educational landscapes.

Insights from the University of Auckland, New Zealand:

Our esteemed guests included Professor Mark Barrow, Faculty Dean, and Professor Marek Tesar, Associate Dean International & Head of School – Learning, Development, and Professional Practice, from the Faculty of Education & Social Work at the University of Auckland. Their presence added immense value to the session, as they shared profound insights into life and study experiences in New Zealand.

Key Highlights of the Session:

  1. Bridging Educational Horizons:
    • The University Articulation Pathway was presented as a strategic guide for students aiming to further their studies at the University of Auckland.
    • Insights were shared on how SEGi graduates, particularly those in the field of Early Childhood Education (DECE), can seamlessly transition into the Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies program at the University of Auckland.
  2. Generous Bursaries for DECE Graduates:
    • The distinguished guests shed light on the generous bursaries available to DECE graduates pursuing higher education at the University of Auckland.
    • Details on eligibility criteria and the application process were provided, encouraging aspiring students to explore these opportunities.

Looking Ahead: A Global Educational Odyssey:

As the clock ticked between 11.30 AM to 1 PM, students not only gained invaluable insights but also nurtured dreams of an international education experience. The University Articulation Pathway session served as a compass, guiding students toward a future enriched with global perspectives and academic excellence.

SEGi University, in collaboration with esteemed international institutions, remains committed to opening doors for students to access world-class education. The event on October 27, 2023, was yet another testament to SEGi’s dedication to providing holistic educational opportunities that extend beyond geographical boundaries.

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