SEGi Promotes Healthy Smiles to Premfield International School

In a proactive initiative aimed at fostering oral health awareness, SEGi University’s Faculty of Dentistry joined hands with Premfield International School Kota Damansara for a comprehensive Dental Hygiene Programme. Designed for 26 enthusiastic school students aged 10 to 12, this initiative went beyond routine dental check-ups to create lasting awareness and impart valuable skills.

A Multifaceted Dental Hygiene Programme:

The programme, conducted on November 30, 2023, encompassed various essential components:

  1. Educational Endeavors:
    • The BDS Year 4 and 5 students from SEGi Faculty of Dentistry actively engaged in behavior management exercises while conducting dental screenings for primary school students. This exposure allowed them to hone essential skills in dealing with younger demographics.
  2. Creating Awareness:
    • A pivotal aspect of the initiative was to instill awareness among school students about the significance of maintaining regular oral hygiene practices. By emphasizing routine dental check-ups every 3 to 6 months, the programme aimed to establish a foundation for lifelong dental health.
  3. Hands-On Dental Screening:
    • The core of the programme was the dental screening process. School students underwent a thorough examination, including screening for potential dental issues. This hands-on experience not only addressed immediate concerns but also served as a proactive measure for preventive dental care.
  4. Comprehensive Oral Hygiene Activities:
    • Beyond screenings, engaging oral hygiene activities were integrated into the programme. These activities not only made dental health education enjoyable but also ensured that students imbibed essential practices for maintaining healthy smiles.

Collaborative Efforts: SEGi Faculty of Dentistry and Premfield International School:

The collaborative effort between SEGi Faculty of Dentistry and Premfield International School symbolizes a shared commitment to the well-being of the younger generation. Through such initiatives, SEGi extends its role beyond conventional education, focusing on holistic development and community well-being.

Looking Forward: A Healthier Tomorrow:

The Dental Hygiene Programme at Premfield International School stands as a testament to SEGi’s dedication to community engagement and proactive healthcare. By empowering school students with knowledge and fostering a positive attitude towards oral health, SEGi’s Faculty of Dentistry envisions a future where every smile reflects not just happiness but also optimal dental well-being.

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