Students triple their investment at Entrepreneurship Grand Bazaar

On 8 and 9 March, SEGi College Penang’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hosted its annual two-day open market event, the Grand Entrepreneurship Bazaar Day. The purpose of the event was to give students the opportunity to turn their business ideas into real-world business activities. Students are expected to apply the theories and concepts they have learned in class at the Entrepreneurship Grand Bazaar, which is one of the assessment requirements for CAD3113P/TOU3124N: Entrepreneurship. 

Muhamad Irfan Bustaipo, an Entrepreneurship class lecturer with entrepreneurial experience, provided support for the project. Students demonstrated their dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity in preparing for the big day at the event. Salty and Sweet, Summertime, BJO, Dessert Time, and Chicken King were among the vendors at the bazaar. 

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