SEGi’s SiBEST paves way to address issues of rebuilding businesses post-pandemic

THE business world is ever-changing. New enterprises are established every day, offering the latest innovations and technological advances. 

Business-to-business and business-to-consumers interactions influence market trends; transactions fuel global economic growth. 

However, the world as we knew it has changed dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19.  

All education institutions were shut down across the world, international borders were closed, and many once-thriving businesses were forced to halve or completely halted their operations during what was dubbed as the “Great Lockdown”.  

The magnitude and speed of collapse in face-to-face activity had both large and small companies in ‘survival of the fittest’ mode as they move their business online in the new normal for nearly two years.  

Challenges, discoveries and lessons learned during the pandemic opened the floor for discussions and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, policymakers and practitioners during the SEGi International Conference of Business, Environment, Sustainability and Technology (SiBEST 2022).  

Organised for the first time by the Graduate School of Business of SEGi University on Aug 10, 2022, SiBEST 2022 aimed to encourage research and projects among institutions of higher learning and industries in “Revitalising & Rebuilding Towards Sustainability Development”, the theme of the one-day virtual conference.  

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