SEGi’s Commitment: From Local to Global Medical Stages

SEGi University has once again shown its commitment to supporting its students’ success by sponsoring Law Wen Xuen to attend the prestigious East Asian Medical Students’ Conference in Singapore. This sponsorship highlights SEGi’s dedication to creating a nurturing environment for academic and professional growth, ensuring students are well-prepared for the demands of the global medical field.

Wen Xuen’s participation in the conference provided her with invaluable opportunities for academic enrichment and cultural exchange. Reflecting on her experience, Wen Xuen remarked, “EAMSC was a truly transforming event in every way. I had the honour of participating on behalf of SEGi University and being fully immersed in a vibrant environment that was brimming with chances for education, teamwork, and cross-cultural interaction.”

With a rich history of excellence spanning more than four decades, SEGi University is renowned for its wide range of academic programmes and a strong reputation among employers. Recognised in the QS World University Rankings for its outstanding contributions to education and the high employability rate of its graduates, SEGi is known for providing students with a solid educational foundation that meets industry standards, enabling them to excel in the global job market.

Law Wen Xuen had the opportunity at the conference to engage in valuable academic and cultural exchanges, showcasing SEGi’s commitment to broadening students’ horizons and fostering a global perspective. Interacting with fellow students from different countries allowed Wen Xuen to deepen her knowledge of international healthcare practices, demonstrating SEGi’s role in preparing well-rounded professionals who can navigate the complexities of global health effectively.

The conference also allowed Wen Xuen to explore cutting-edge medical research and innovations, further enhancing her academic growth by attending keynote lectures by Professor Tikki Pangestu, Associate Professor Mark Chan Yan Yee and Adjunct Assistant Professor Ng Yih Yng. Participating in Ideathon competition, Wen Xuen represented SEGi admirably, highlighting the university’s focus on nurturing creativity and critical thinking skills among its students.

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