SEGi University’s Faculty of Education Shines Bright at the 36th Asia-Pacific Roundtable

The 36th Asia-Pacific Roundtable, meticulously organized by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, served as the epicenter of this extraordinary confluence. Here, the PhD Scholars found themselves amidst luminaries—top diplomats, government stalwarts, corporate magnates, and scholarly minds, all sharing the same space and passion for global understanding. In these hallowed halls, knowledge was not just shared; it was exchanged, nurtured, and cherished.

Captivating domain of education, a timeless belief resonates—a sentiment akin to the iconic phrase from the film “Field of Dreams”: “If we build it, he will come.” Within the Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology, and Music at SEGi University, this philosophy serves as their guiding light, propelling them on a ceaseless journey to enrich the international student experience. Their commitment found profound validation on the prestigious platform of the 36th Asia-Pacific Roundtable, underscoring the significance of unwavering dedication and foresight.

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