SEGi University Ignites Academic Brilliance with Global Engineering Exchange

SEGi recently welcomed a group of 83 talented engineering students from the esteemed University of Sanya as part of its Student Mobility Programme. This collaboration not only enables these students to study at SEGi for a semester but also facilitates knowledge-sharing and cultural exchange between the two institutions.

SEGi’s Student Mobility Programmes are designed to offer a transformative and enriching experience for both local and international students. By embracing diverse perspectives and fostering cross-cultural understanding, SEGi aims to equip its students with the necessary skills and global mindset to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

One of the key highlights of these programmes is the emphasis on environmental projects. SEGi believes in creating environmentally conscious individuals who can make a positive impact on society. Through various initiatives and partnerships, students engage in hands-on projects that address pressing environmental challenges, contributing to sustainable development efforts.


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