SEGi University: Empowering Future Pharmacists

Malaysia had more pharmacists than it needed for a few years, but now there is a shortage. This is because the Malaysian healthcare system is growing quickly, the pharmaceutical industry is booming locally and globally, and there aren’t any pharmacies open 24/7 or that are easy to get to in rural areas. Also, the country’s population is getting older, and there are more chronic diseases that don’t spread and need long-term care. This has increased the need for pharmacists to offer affordable and easy-to-get advice on how to manage diseases and medications.

Pharmacists are very important to the health care system because they improve public health by promoting health and preventing disease. In addition to giving out medicines, pharmacists also make medicines, give advice about health, and take care of diseases. They also find and make new drugs, make sure the quality of medicines is good, deal with regulatory issues, and do clinical research. With the country’s population getting older, there will be more people who need pharmacists to help improve their health.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced teachers, SEGi University is a great place to study pharmacy in Malaysia. Students at the university have access to world-class learning tools, such as modern labs, large libraries, and online databases with a lot of information. Its pharmacy programme is meant to prepare students for a wide range of healthcare careers, such as hospital and clinical pharmacy, community/retail pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary pharmacy, government and regulatory agencies, and teaching.

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