SEGi University brought home 11 Medals at the National Dental Inter-Varsity Games (NDIVG) 2019

Led by Beh Yen Ping, SEGi Faculty of Dentistry student and chairperson of the SEGi National Dental Inter-Varsity Games (NDIVG) 2019 committee, SEGi NDVIG 2019 team of 89 students representing the Faculty of Dentistry, SEGi University, competed against 12 other dental schools and emerged at an impressive fourth place with 11 medals at the NDVIG 2019.


Table Tennis Women’s Single

Lee Sukhin (Year 4)

Table Tennis Women’s Double

(From L to R) Denise Liow (Year 1) and Tan Qing Wen (Year 3)

Swimming Male 50m backstroke

Sherman Giam (Year 1)

Swimming Male Freestyle Relay

(From L to R) Lo Zhen Hao (Year 4), Tan Zhe Ken (Year 4), Muhammad Khalish Khairuddin (Year 4), Sherman Giam (Year 1)


Tug Of War

(From L to R) Tan Zhe Ken (Year 4), Jason Ting (Year 3), Ling Kwei Wen (Year 4), Chuah Yee Vien (Year 4), Chen Shu Hui (Year 4), Lydia Ngor (Year 2), Chung Teck Wei (Year 4), Dr Haydar Majeed (Lecturer)

Badminton Women’s Double

(From L to R) Lydia Ngor (Year 2) and Yeap Jin-Ni (Year 2)

Track and Field Women 1500m

Khoirun Annisyak Subadi (Year 5)

Swimming Male 50m Breaststroke

Goh Kai Tzhea (Year 4)

Swimming Male 50m Freestyle

Muhammad Aqil Khairuddin (Year 2)



(From L to R) Kevin Neo (Year 4), Theevwanash a/l Anbalagan (Year 2), Dharshen A/L Valautham (Year 3), Bassam Hamoud Yahya Obied (Year 1)

Track and Field Women 400m

Sim Hazel (Year 2)

NDIVG 2019 was organised by the Faculty of Dentistry, International Medical University (IMU) in collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Student Association (MDSA) on 6th – 7th April 2019 at the University of Malaya Sports Complex. 13 dental schools participated in 12 games of Track and Field, Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Frisbee, Badminton, Swimming, Table Tennis, Chess, Tug of War, Carom, and Netball. This year, SEGi dental students took part in all 10 games, excluding carom and netball.

Well done, and Congratulations to team SEGi!