SEGi Student Shines at China-Malaysia Diplomatic Relations Anniversary Event

Wang Qian, a talented music PhD student from the Faculty of Education, Languages and Performing Arts (FoELPM) at SEGi University, Kota Damansara, showcased her remarkable musical abilities at a prestigious event held at Taylor’s University on the 3rd of February. Representing SEGi University with pride, Wang Qian had the distinct honour of participating in the event, which commemorated the 50th Anniversary of China-Malaysia Diplomatic Relations, while also promoting sustainable quality education through the universal language of music.

Amidst a gathering of esteemed guests and university students from both China and Malaysia, Wang Qian captivated the audience with her exquisite piano performance and melodious singing as part of the university choir. Collaborating with other Chinese students studying in Malaysia, Wang Qian’s participation exemplified the harmonious cultural exchange between the two nations, highlighting the rich diversity and talent within the academic community.

The event served as a platform to celebrate the enduring friendship and diplomatic ties between China and Malaysia, emphasizing the importance of fostering mutual understanding and cooperation through cultural exchange and education. Through music, Wang Qian and her fellow performers conveyed a message of unity, friendship, and shared aspirations for a brighter future

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