SEGi Student Fatimah Gets Swift Promotion To Manager After Internship

For most graduates, their first job marks the slow, gruelling climb up the corporate ladder which is punctuated by failures and setbacks.

But not for Nur Fatimah Binti Navaskhan from SEGi University, who got promoted to shift manager quickly after her internship at KFC. More than that, people can be certain that she knows how to make an amazing fried chicken.

“My tip would always be to hear what the manager says and have good knowledge and communication with the manager and team members,” Fatimah said when questioned about her quick rise in rank.

Her journey began at SEGi by enrolling in the Certificate In Hotel Operations programme before continuing with the Diploma In Restaurant Management.

It was then that she completed a one-year attachment with KFC PERONAS TTDI DT, putting her on the path that will very much define her today.

It was not a lengthy tenure but Fatimah already accumulated many sweet memories there, among them being her birthday celebration with her colleagues at KFC.

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