SEGi College Students Shine at IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry E-Poster Contest

In a thrilling culmination of intellectual prowess and scientific enthusiasm, students from SEGi College demonstrated their dedication to the field of pharmaceutical chemistry at the IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week 2023 E-Poster Contest. Their achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration, not only for their institution but for the wider academic and scientific community.

The excitement in the air was palpable as SEGi College students received the coveted invitation to present their poster at the International Medical University (IMU). This invitation was a testament to their commitment to the scientific field and their diligence in research and innovation.

The highlight of the contest was the Consolation Prize secured by Daniel Chan, a student from SEGi College’s Foundation in Science program. His outstanding performance earned him a well-deserved reward of RM 100. Furthermore, three groups of SEGi College students received Encouragement Prizes, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication within the institution.

The accomplishments of these students not only reflect their hard work and commitment to academic excellence but also fill SEGi College with immense pride. These achievements have not only made SEGi College Subang Jaya and IMU proud but have also set a commendable example for the broader academic and scientific community.

Participating in the IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week 2023 E-Poster Contest was more than a mere competition; it was a platform for learning and self-improvement. The dedication shown by Semester 3 Foundation in Science students highlighted their commitment to research and their passion for pharmaceutical chemistry, signaling a promising future for the field.

The contest went beyond the realms of academia. It nurtured an understanding of the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the role of pharmaceutical chemistry in advancing healthcare on a global scale. It encouraged students to envision careers in pharmaceutical research, drug development, and academia, realizing the transformative potential of their discipline.

The IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week 2023 E-Poster Contest, orchestrated by the IMU School of Pharmacy, holds a mission in line with the global call for sustainable and environmentally conscious scientific practices. It aspires to create an environment that fosters the adoption of greener and more sustainable chemistry within educational institutions and real-world applications.

On the 13th of July, 2023, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, the IMU in Bukit Jalil served as the stage for this intellectually stimulating event. The collaboration between IMU School of Pharmacy and the Centre for Pre-University Studies (CPUS) at SEGi College (Subang Jaya) showcased a collective commitment to nurturing and celebrating excellence in pharmaceutical chemistry.

The accomplishments at the IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Week 2023 E-Poster Contest reinforce the potential of the next generation of scientists and researchers. Their dedication to sustainable practices and innovation in the field promises a brighter, more environmentally conscious future in pharmaceutical chemistry.

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