SEGi College Sarawak Unite to Save the Earth

To support the efforts of the United Nations (UN) in achieving SDG-6 (Clean Water and Sanitation for All) by the year 2030, the world needs to work four times faster than the current pace of progress.  

 Committed to their part in helping achieve this goal, SEGi College Sarawak sent sixteen students and four members of the academic staff from the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FOMNHS) of SEGi College Sarawak to a river-cleaning activity at Kampung Tringgus Bau, Sarawak. The aim of this project was to clean the river to protect the biodiversity of Sarawak, as rivers are the source of water supply for the ecosystem.  

During the activity, the volunteers removed debris such as dried leaves, tree branches, and any trash they found that could potentially obstruct and pollute the river. We wanted also to create an awareness of the importance of clean fresh water, the demand of which has risen due to wastage, pollution, and climate changes. 


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