SEGi College Sarawak prepares students for high-demand cybersecurity jobs with new degree programme

SEGi College Sarawak is expanding its commitment to preparing students for the future of work by introducing a new BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree with a focus on cybersecurity and networks. Dr. Catherine Menon, a lecturer at the University of Herefordshire, recently visited the college and spoke to final year students about the degree programme, as well as the job opportunities and technologies they will be exposed to upon graduation. 

Dr. Menon stressed the importance of cybersecurity in the tech industry during his presentation, highlighting the potential vulnerabilities that come with the adoption of new technologies such as self-driving cars and medical devices such as pacemakers. She also outlined the skills students will gain through the degree programme, beginning with coding in the first year and progressing to networking and cybersecurity specialisation in the second and third years. 

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