Sarawak General Hospital experience: SEGi’s Diploma in Healthcare breakthrough

SEGi’s Diploma in Healthcare programme is taking practical training to the next level, enhancing the skills of its students through immersive experiences in real healthcare settings. As part of their curriculum, students in Year 3 have the opportunity to participate in Practical Field Training. 

The Programme Leader of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences from SEGi visited the Sarawak General Hospital to observe the progress of the Diploma in Healthcare students during their Practical Field Training. The students were attached to various units within the hospital, including the Psychology Unit, Asset Unit, Library, Out-Patient Unit, and Staff Training Unit. 

The students’ attachment was conducted on a rotation basis, allowing them to gain exposure to different aspects of healthcare management. This hands-on experience provided them with a deeper understanding of financial management, human resources, health facilities management, organisational behaviour, quality of healthcare services, and health information management – all essential skills for successful healthcare management professionals. 

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