Prof Dr Wee Eng Hoe’s PEP Talk Triumph

Prof Dr Wee Eng Hoe’s talk was a beacon of guidance for approximately 75 attendees, offering valuable insights and strategies crucial for students embarking on their academic journeys. By sharing his expertise and best practices, Prof Dr Wee Eng Hoe contributed significantly to SEGi University’s mission of nurturing well-informed, confident scholars. His presentation not only imparted essential knowledge but also instilled a sense of purpose and direction in the eager minds present, showcasing SEGi’s commitment to holistic education and student success.


The event, organized by the PGESC, exemplified SEGi University’s supportive community and vibrant student initiatives. By fostering platforms for intellectual growth and professional development, SEGi continues to empower its students, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges of higher education and beyond. Prof Dr Wee Eng Hoe’s involvement in this initiative further highlighted SEGi’s emphasis on mentorship and the nurturing of future academic leaders.

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