Policy on Accessibility

Policy on Accessibility


SEGi University upholds a steadfast commitment to ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for all individuals, irrespective of their abilities, ethnicity, religion, disability, immigration status (including refugee & asylum seekers), gender or background. Our dedication extends to promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility across all our academic programmes, employment opportunities, and administrative practices. The University firmly believe in the intrinsic dignity of every person and are resolute in the removal of barriers that hinder their full and meaningful participation in the life of our institution. We pledge to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Policy Owner & Oversight: Registrar

The Registry department is the designated office responsible for reviewing, educating and advancing the compliance of the policy within our institution, with a designated official overseeing the matter across the organisation.

Policy Statements 

SEGi University’s commitment to accessibility encompasses various aspects and obligations:

  1. Accessible Opportunities: We pledge to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the campus, its services and activities/events are open to the public where possible (which include and not limited to libraries, eateries, clinics, campus retails, toilets)
  2. Educational Accessibility: In alignment with our Policy on Accessibility, SEGi University is devoted to providing equal access to educational resources. This commitment extends to providing reasonable accommodation for qualified students with disabilities in all our university programmes and activities. We are dedicated to cultivating a learning environment characterised by accessible content, unwaveringly adhering to universal design principles in all materials presented to students. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to educational accessibility extends to offering activities and educational resources to the public, irrespective of factors such as ethnicity, religion, disability, immigration status (including refugee & asylum seekers), or gender.
  3. Environment Maintenance: We are committed to maintaining an accessible work and learning environment across all our campuses. This involves providing support services to employees, students and public with disabilities and proactively identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to accessibility.
  4. Confidentiality: SEGi University strictly adheres to the principles of confidentiality when it comes to all communication related to the accommodation of an employee’s or student’s disability, in accordance with the University’s policy and procedures.

The full copy of this policy can be accessible via the SEGi Connexion Staff Portal.

Policy created on 2022Policy reviewed on 2023