Policy against modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking and child labour

Policy against modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking and child labour


SEGi University stands firmly committed to safeguarding the well-being of all individuals, ensuring a resolute stance against modern slavery, forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour. At the heart of our principles, we vehemently reject any form of exploitation that threatens the dignity and rights of individuals.

Policy Owner & Oversight: VP, Human Resource

The Human Resource Department is the designated office responsible for reviewing, educating and advancing the compliance of the policy within our institution, with a designated official overseeing the matter across the organisation.

Policy Statements 

This policy encompasses the following key aspects:

  1. Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of SEGi University to communicate this policy throughout the institution, conduct periodic risk assessments of these issues, hold every person working for or under the university’s control accountable for preventing, detecting, and reporting any form of slavery or exploitation. SEGi University is unwavering in its commitment to ensure that any member of its community reporting these issues in good faith will not face detrimental consequences for doing so.
  2. Child labour: SEGi University unequivocally rejects and condemns child labor. We adhere to the Malaysian Employment Law of 1955, which defines individuals under the age of 15 as children. Our institution is dedicated to safeguarding children from hazardous work conditions, excessive hours, and inadequate compensation. We are committed to providing an environment that nurtures their growth, development, and education. SEGi University stands firmly against any form of child labor, affirming the right of every child to a safe and nurturing upbringing. We are resolute in our mission to eradicate child labor in all its forms.
  3. Equal Pay Practices: We will conduct an equal pay review of gender and implement the actions arising from it within a structured programme. The results of the equal pay review of gender will be made public for transparency. Regular monitoring of the impact of our practices in line with the University’s policies will be undertaken. Staff members will be informed about how these practices work and how their pay is determined (upon request from a role holder), and we will respond to grievances related to equal pay. The Human Resources Department will provide training and guidance for managers and supervisory staff involved in decisions regarding pay and benefits.
  4. Non-Discrimination: SEGi University unwaveringly prohibits any form of discrimination, harassment, or inequitable treatment based on an individual’s transgender status or gender identity. We affirm that every member of the SEGi community is entitled to the same rights, privileges, and opportunities, regardless of their gender identity.
  5. Preferred Name and Pronouns: SEGi University respects and acknowledges that individuals may have preferred names and pronouns that align with their gender identity. Students, faculty, and staff have the unequivocal right to use their preferred names and pronouns in all aspects of university life, including email addresses and communication.
  6. Educational Programmes and Awareness: SEGi is firmly committed to raising awareness and understanding of gender diversity within the workplace. The university offers educational programmes, workshops, and resources addressing transgender issues, fostering respect, and cultivating an inclusive environment.
  7. Reporting and Addressing Discrimination: It is of paramount importance to promptly report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, or exclusion rooted in gender identity. SEGi University has instituted transparent and confidential reporting mechanisms, ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to address and prevent further occurrences of discrimination.
  8. Supportive Services: SEGi is resolute in its commitment to providing access to support services for transgender individuals, including counseling, healthcare, and resources designed to guide them through their experiences.
  9. Human trafficking: SEGi University unequivocally denounces human trafficking in all its forms and is dedicated to raising awareness and taking preventive measures against this abhorrent crime. We adamantly oppose the exploitation, coercion, and forced movement of individuals for any purpose. In addition to supporting global efforts to combat human trafficking, we are vigilant in monitoring our students’ attendance and enrollment records to safeguard against victimisation, with particular attention to the well-being of international students. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to creating a secure and inclusive environment for all members of the SEGi University community.

We affirm our commitment to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies to address and eradicate these criminal acts.

The full copy of this policy can be accessible via the SEGi Connexion Staff Portal.

Policy created on 2022Policy reviewed on 2023