On Adopting and Practicing Use of Structural Eurocodes in Malaysia

The construction industry in some regional countries or economies such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong has seen major upheavals in civil and structural engineering design and construction practices over the last 15 years. The reason is that these Commonwealth economies had used British Standards (BS) for structural design since the British colonial days up to 2010 when the UK switched to the BS European Standards (EN) version. It was in line with the adoption of Eurocodes in the design and construction of structures in reinforced concrete, steel, timber, composites, masonry, and aluminium.

While Malaysia and Singapore have gone full swing into adopting Eurocodes in their construction industry practices since 2010, economies like Hong Kong have moved towards developing their versions of design standards by referencing the BS EN documents. That means the construction industry practitioners, particularly the designers, planners and contractors, want to ensure that their projects’ best practices align with the advanced standards. Of course, the underlying reason is also to safeguard their professional interests in maintaining and guaranteeing legal acceptance of their finished products and designs in line with updated provisions of the Building Bylaws and Acts of Parliament.

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