Innovative Workshop Showcases Rose K2 XL Lenses at SEGi University

SEGi University’s Faculty of Optometry and Vision Sciences (FoOVS) recently hosted an engaging and informative workshop, titled “Rose K2 XL Workshop,” on October 16, 2023, from 9 am to 1 pm. The event aimed to introduce Eye Care practitioners and Final Year students to the intricacies of the Rose K2 XL lenses and their fitting process.

The workshop, a collaborative effort between FoOVS, SEGi University, and Menicon Academy, attracted a diverse audience of about 25 eye care practitioners from the Klang Valley region. Additionally, 18 students and staff from FoOVS actively participated in the event.

Ms Jess Ooi from Mandrian Ophthalmic Instruments kicked off the session by warmly welcoming the attendees. She provided a comprehensive overview of the design of the Rose K2 XL lenses and walked the participants through the fitting procedures. This initial briefing set the stage for a deeper understanding of the innovative lenses.

Following the introduction, Mr Fakhruddin Barodawala, a lecturer at FoOVS, SEGi University, took the floor. He shared insightful case studies derived from clinical sessions at SEGi EyeCare, offering practical insights into the application of Rose K2 XL lenses. The real-world cases provided a valuable context for understanding the lenses’ impact on patient care.

The highlight of the workshop was a live fitting session for two patients. Attendees had the unique opportunity to witness and engage in a hands-on session, gaining practical experience in the fitting process. This interactive segment allowed participants to explore the nuances of fitting Rose K2 XL lenses under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The Rose K2 XL Workshop proved to be a fruitful collaboration, fostering knowledge exchange and hands-on learning. Participants left the event equipped with a deeper understanding of the lenses, ready to apply their newfound knowledge in their professional and academic endeavors.

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