Fulfil your dreams of becoming a child educator

Working with children can be a very fulfilling career. The innocence of children has a way of shining brighter than the monetary reward that comes from the highly competitive corporate environment.

Hence many people find joy intending to the garden of the future generation, and that means starting a kindergarten. However, these people may abandon their dreams when faced with many obstacles along the way.

A person needs to have a Diploma In Early Childhood in order to set up a kindergarten. Getting said qualification is not easy, requiring a duration of about two and a half years for those studying full-time, and three years for part-timers.

Students, however, can bypass all these obstacles through SEGi’s Master of Education programme. The course can be completed in one year, making it the first to be offered in Malaysia. Further on, it is fully coursework.

Speed meets quality in this value-packed course which offers seven industry-relevant specialisations ranging from Inclusive and Special Education, Digital learning Technologies and Innovation, and many more.

Note that students have to choose the specialisation, Early Childhood Care and Education, in order to legally set up a kindergarten. The Master of Education also provides unprecedented flexibility through its entry requirement.

Individuals possessing a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.50, as accepted by the Senate, can apply for the course.

If the minimum CGPA requirement is not met, candidates will require a minimum working experience of five years in a relevant field. Anyone from any profession can now fulfil their dreams of becoming a child educator.

Underlining this is the fact that scholarships are provided, although in limited numbers and on a first-come first-serve basis. This is not considering the financial assistance in the form of EduFlex for the needy.

Through convenience, speed of delivery, quality education and the availability of finance, SEGi university and colleges ensure that no obstacles will get in the way of you and your dream job.

A future of work with cute, curious children awaits you. All that remains is for you to claim your passion through the SEGi Master Of Education programme.

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