Cut Short Your Study Duration With APEL.C

It is said that no classroom or textbook can trump the learning that comes from real-life experience. This has always been the way for people who lack the means to pursue a quality tertiary education.

Such resourceful individuals may be on par with their peers who possess the necessary formal education, or perhaps better. Sadly, the reality of the situation is not so simple.

People who lack qualifications are often overlooked when it comes to promotion or recruitment. This may sound unfair, but potential employers are unable to accurately evaluate an individual’s performance during a brief interview session.

A physical certificate provides tangible evidence of a person’s efforts to upskill themselves. However, pursuing a higher education while juggling work and life’s obligations is no easy matter.

Recognising the importance of prior work experience and the problems faced by adult learners, SEGi University & Colleges is offering APEL.C.

Through APEL.C, students can use their prior work experience to gain up to 30% credit exemption. Additionally, their prior formal education may receive up to 50% credit transfer.

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