Creative Multimedia SEGians Uncover New Perspectives at Hoan Painting Gallery

“Embarking on this journey to the Hoan Gallery was akin to stepping into a realm where colours, forms, and narratives intertwine to create a rich tapestry of visual experiences,” remarked Ms Yeeni Ayu Rosita binti Marjani, Lecturer of Creative Multimedia at SEGi College Sarawak, reflecting on the recent excursion that took place on the 20 February 2024.

A recent excursion to the esteemed Hoan Gallery has provided 17 students from the Diploma in Creative Multimedia programme at SEGi’s Faculty of Communication & Creative Design (SoCCD) with a profound immersion into the world of visual artistry. Led by Ms Yeeni, the visit was a pivotal moment for these budding artists as they delved into the depths of artistic expression and interpretation.

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