Christabelle does SEGi proud

SEGi College Sarawak proudly congratulates Ms Christabelle Joelle Then on her achievement of the University of London’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with Second Class Honours, First Division.

“How much hard work does it take for a student to succeed?”

I do not have an exact answer to this, but there are some personal experiences and tips that I find useful in helping me achieve a 2:1 in the LLB. The following do not only help in achieving good grades but are also important lessons that I have developed along the journey of my pursuit.

NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Share your thoughts and questions with your lecturers. Lecturers appreciate students who care enough to voice their opinions. Students who ask questions stand a chance to be the smartest because they can either gain extra knowledge from the discussion or have a deeper understanding and a clearer image of what is taught.

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