Chocolaty Adventures: A Visit to Beryl’s Chocolate Factory and Museum

On the 15th of July, 2023, from 11 am to 12:30 pm, students from the Centre for Pre-University Studies embarked on an industrial visit that promised a deep dive into the inner workings of Beryl’s Chocolate Factory and Museum in Seri Kembangan. This educational journey was not just about savoring the delightful taste of chocolates but also about unraveling the mysteries of chocolate production and embracing the attributes of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.

The event, organized by the Centre for Pre-University Studies, had a multifaceted agenda:

1. Witnessing Factory Operations: The visit was a unique opportunity for students to witness the intricate inner workings of factories. It showcased the unity and collaboration required for factories to function seamlessly and produce items that delight the public. Students gained firsthand insight into the operational processes that drive chocolate production, from the initial stages to the final products that find their way into our hands.

2. Acquiring Knowledge About Chocolate Production: The museum tour was an enlightening experience that broadened students’ knowledge about chocolate production. They had the chance to explore the different types of chocolate used to create the perfect samples. The journey through the museum was a captivating exploration of the chocolate-making process, from the selection of cocoa beans to the crafting of delectable treats.

3. Embracing Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation: As students delved deeper into the museum, they were guided by a knowledgeable tour guide. They had access to the gallery hall, engaged with informative video presentations, observed the packaging of products, and even enjoyed free sampling sessions. Additionally, there was a hands-on opportunity for students to craft their own small chocolates within a limited time frame. This practical exercise challenged them to apply their creativity and critical thinking to complete their tasks within the allotted time. It was a practical lesson in problem-solving and innovation.

The visit also highlighted the innovative side of chocolate production, showcasing the sophisticated machines used in the process. As the tour concluded, students had the chance to purchase chocolates and cookies made in the factory, allowing them to take a bit of the chocolate magic home.

In conclusion, the industrial visit to Beryl’s Chocolate Factory and Museum was a delightful adventure that blended learning with indulgence. It not only provided insights into the chocolate-making process but also emphasized the qualities of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. It was a reminder that learning experiences can be both educational and delicious, leaving students with a deeper appreciation for the art of chocolate making and the importance of these qualities in their academic and personal journeys.

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