Become a legal elite through SEGi’s Master Of Laws

The commitment to be a professional requires a constant update of one’s knowledge to remain relevant. However, practitioners in the legal field have a far greater responsibility to hone their skills since the stakes are higher, not forgetting the ever-shifting legal landscape.

But the pursuit for knowledge or a higher qualification also provides the means for people to break their glass ceiling, and to attain a higher position in their respective corporation.

The Master of Laws in Advanced Legal Practice at SEGi University is the decisive answer to all these needs and more. A specialised postgraduate programme, it aims to provide legal professionals with advanced expertise and practical skills to excel in various legal careers.

Since these professionals usually lead busy lives, the value-packed programme has been tailored to their lifestyles by being hassle-free. It can be completed in only 12 months, making it the fastest in the industry.

With 8 modules and 10 electives to choose from, students have the flexibility to customise their course according to their needs and requirements. They can now specialise in areas such as intellectual property law, media law, advanced company law and others.

By delving into these specialised fields, students gain a profound understanding of intricate legal nuances, positioning themselves as sought-after professionals in their chosen areas of expertise.

What’s more, the latest knowledge is being taught so students can immediately apply their lessons in their careers. With an understanding of amendments and implementations in the legal field, graduates can provide up-to-date and accurate counsel to clients.

Besides the formal education environment, students get to enrich themselves by networking with like-minded people who enrol in the course. This could even lead to business or career opportunities beyond the bounds of one’s corporation.

All these benefits and more add up to form the holistic programme that is the Master of Laws in Advanced Legal Practice. Postgraduates will find much in common with this programme if they seek to increase their marketability in a world where skill is the ultimate currency.

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