Are They Siblings? Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) vs Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the most noteworthy expert degree accessible in this field. It is planned for prepared business practitioners who need to advance their professions and decidedly affect the business world by means of business opportunity exploration and adaptation. Most of the DBA programmes are being tailored to enrich managers’ and practitioners’ knowledge. DBA students are instilled with a high standard of meticulous research, which contributes to industrial practices. An exclusive expectation is expected from DBA studies before being granted the title of “Doctor”. A graduate from DBA will have the skills and ability to produce quality and impact research papers whilst managing their own businesses or corporates.

 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest degree that can be conferred to any individual that had completed the programme. Several years of research are needed before the completion of a PhD dissertation. A PhD gives someone a specialised and research-based background in a subject related to business management. This is one of the main reasons people who want to work in business-related academia or research are interested in it. PhD programmes are customised to create subject-matter specialists. Individuals who pursue PhD programmes will be instilled with research modules to strengthen their research foundation.

Are They Cousins?

Both (DBA and PhD) are cousins, as they will be awarded doctoral degrees; however, they are normally obtained in a diversified field and have their own goals and objectives.

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