SEGians Left a Lasting Impression at AIFFA 2023

The event spanned three eventful days, during which FOCADIT staff members and students from SEGi wholeheartedly contributed their time and skills to assist in the programme process. As volunteers, they played crucial roles in various aspects of event management, including logistics, public relations, media coordination, and technical support. This hands-on experience provided them with insights into the intricate workings of organizing a high-profile international event. 

One of the most significant advantages of participating as volunteers and having SEGi as an event partner was the opportunity to build an extensive network of contacts within the creative art industry. FOCADIT members had the privilege of interacting not only with filmmakers, actors, producers, and other professionals in the field but also with representatives from SEGi and other event partners. These connections opened doors for potential collaborations, internships, and career opportunities for both staff and students alike. 

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