Workshop on Psychology Enlightens Students

The Psychology Club of SEGi College Subang Jaya held a workshop on Academic Writing and Referencing in Psychology on 18 April 2023 conducted by the University of Greenwich’s Dr Oindrila Dutta, Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the University of Greenwich.  

The objectives of the workshop were for participants to become familiar with different writing layouts in Psychology and how to structure them; to provide them with knowledge of what to include in the different sections of written academic assignments (essays); to familiarise them with the concept of plagiarism, how to identify and avoid it in their writing practices; to give them an awareness of the importance of using neutral, precise and respectful language in academic writing; to acquaint them with the APA style and its general recommendations for writing academically in Psychology; and to teach them how to make references, in-text citations and how to prepare reference lists. 


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