Water resource engineering students dive into real-world problem solving

Hands-on learning is critical for gaining practical experience and developing skills in any field, especially water resources and supply engineering. To that end, ECH4313 Water Resources and Supply Engineering, a subject taught in collaboration with UCLAN, recently held a demonstration session on the characteristics of water resources in Kiara Hill. 

During the session, students learned how to collect and analyse data on temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and nutrient levels to monitor the physical, biological, and chemical characteristics of a river. These factors are important indicators of water quality, and the students were able to classify the river water quality based on established standards by monitoring them. 

In Malaysia, river water quality is classified using the Interim National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia (INWQS), which were established by the Department of Environment (DOE) under the Ministry of Environment and Water. This classification system aids in determining whether the water is safe to drink, swim in, or use for other purposes. 

Read more at https://bit.ly/3Gwizam


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