About the Campus

The RM300 million flagship campus is a hallmark of private higher education in Malaysia. Our flagship campus accentuates a unique architecture, an eclectic inspiration by colonial and Roman designs. We are responsible to carry the initiatives to bring the future of private education scene to a highly strategic location in Kota Damansara.

With its impressive layout that promotes open space and offers a conducive educational landscape, the campus houses several faculties and is well-found with the right services and facilities for students.

We offer a scenic view of Lake Cova to testify for our commitment to serve holistic experience to learning. Our excellent connectivity throughout the campus entails seamless accessibility significant to our e-campus status, enabling most learning materials provided online explored through and through at one’s fingertips with real-time campus update.

Our established faculties offer a wide range of programmes facilitated by qualified and dedicated academicians – we bring the world to our students to accommodate them with the objective to nurture individual ambition and aspiration. We are trusted and recognised in shaping students’ pathway to wondrous benefits.

SEGi University Kota Damansara is further capped as our flagship campus with its strategic location and accessibility. The newly operating MRT Kota Damansara Station integrates our campus in the municipal backdrop of the Klang Valley. With virtually everything you need on campus and being in close proximity to The Curve, One Utama and numerous public transport services, SEGi University is the perfect place to study.