Unique cultural experience at SEGi Confucius Institution

Displays of Chinese paper cutting

SEGi’s Confucius Institution held an event on experiencing the Chinese Culture to enrich  students’ lives,  and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture on 7 July 2022.

A total of eight booths were set up, including tea-making, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese chess, Go, Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, shuttlecock kicking, and other traditional Chinese artistry and cultural activities. The event attracted over 100 staff and students.

Participants enjoyed games prepared by lecturers and had a great time playing Chinese chess and doing paper cutting. Meanwhile, they also tasted the different types of Chinese tea and learnt about the art of tea leaves reading.

On top of that, many students joined the shuttlecock kicking session, lending a festive atmosphere to the event.

The event managed to peak students’ interest to not only learn Chinese but about its vast and rich culture too. Most visitors are already looking forward to the next cultural event.

 Displays of Chinese paper cutting
Displays of Chinese paper cutting
Students joined the shuttlecock juggling session
Chinese tea-making demonstration
A participant shows her paper cutting artwork
Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing
Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting experience
Participants showed great interest in Chinese chess
Chinese chess experience
Explaining the pictogram concept in Chinese character to the students.
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