The Evolution of E-Wallet Payment with “Sarawak Pay” Applications in Sarawak

The Sarawak Government has a highly aggressive ambition in terms of digital transformation to develop Sarawak’s e-commerce business. Especially in Kuching, we will see a significant increase in the adoption of Sarawak Pay as the federal and state governments work to encourage a paperless and digital society. The extensive internet connectivity, particularly in urban regions, facilitates the effective application of Sarawak Pay. The growing number of smartphone users and the expanded accessibility of internet connectivity have significantly facilitated the exponential expansion of e-wallet usage in Malaysia (J.P. Morgan, 2019). 

The recent development of Sarawak Pay foresees a change in name and logo in line with the growth and development of the Fintech platform. According to Ten (2021), Sarawak Pay has been renamed S-Pay Global, headquartered in Sarawak’s capital, Kuching, and has quickly gained recognition as a reliable and secure digital payment provider. With a mission to simplify financial transactions and promote financial inclusion, S-Pay Global has introduced a range of services and features that have resonated with the local population. 

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