SEGi’s Thaipusam Celebration 2024: Embracing Diversity

Article By S.Rishikumar.

SEGi proudly welcomed the silver chariot procession as part of the Thaipusam Celebration 2024. The event, meticulously organised by the School of Business and Accounting (SOBA) in collaboration with the Indian Cultural Society (ICS) at Kuala Lumpur, brought together students, lecturers, and alumni in a harmonious celebration of diversity.

The primary objectives of this cultural extravaganza were manifold. Firstly, it aimed at fostering unity among students, lecturers, and alumni during the preparatory phase, exemplifying SEGi’s dedication to inclusivity. Secondly, the event sought to inspire students to actively engage in cultural initiatives annually, promoting a sense of pride and participation in their diverse community. Lastly, by participating in the silver chariot procession, SEGi aimed to raise awareness of its commitment to social responsibility, further contributing to the sustainability of cultural traditions.




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