SEGi’s SOCAD presents cinematic marvels

SEGi took the spotlight as the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SOCAD) orchestrated an engaging Film Appreciation event. With a focus on fostering meaningful discussions about the power of cinema, the event encouraged students to explore films as tools for addressing social issues. The theme, “Unravelling the Silver Screen,” showcased thought-provoking films, ‘Parasite’ and ‘3 Idiots,’ known for their social relevance. 

The event, held in the student affair office, kicked off with the South Korean masterpiece, ‘Parasite,’ sparking intense discussions on social class and inequality. The film’s clever use of symbolism and masterful storytelling served as a catalyst for thought-provoking conversations. Following the screening, group discussions led by SOCAD lecturers delved into the films’ messages, provoking insightful debates on societal disparities and human behaviour. 

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