SEGi’s Jackueline Scores with Robust Online Learning System

Many have perceived that the education industry would be seriously jeopardised by the COVID-19 pandemic since classrooms and textbook studies traditionally require face-to-face interaction.

But the adage, “learning is a lifelong process”, also means that learning continues regardless of the circumstances. Hence SEGi University & Colleges have risen from the challenge by incorporating a strong and robust online education system, one that is safe to say, pandemic proof.

According to SEGi’s BA (Hons) Business and Management top achiever Jackueline Ong Yuen Ching, the bulk of her course at SEGi College Sarawak was conducted online.

“Some of my friends, I’ve only met them in person during the graduation ceremony”, she said, adding that she has come to prefer online instead of a physical classroom.

Ong said it was easier for her to focus during an online class as she could rewind the video at her leisure, unlike a physical one.


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