SEGi law students make legal impact at YBGK

30 students and 4 lecturers from the Faculty of Law at SEGi embarked on a transformative visit to the Yayasan Bantuan Guaman Kebangsaan (YBGK) in Kuala Lumpur on 15 August 2023. The delegation was warmly received by key personnel, including Nurakmal Farhan Aziz, Executive Officer, and Madam Noramilia Mohd Saad, the Manager of the National Legal Aid Foundation. 

Attentively listening to the briefing by Madam Noramilia binti Mohd Saad

YBGK, established with a noble purpose, focuses on providing legal assistance to those financially constrained individuals caught in the criminal justice system. Shockingly, statistics indicate that approximately 80% of accused persons facing criminal charges are unrepresented in court due to financial limitations (YBGK official website). This lack of representation compromises their defence and undermines the principles of equal and fair justice. 

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